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5:29:00 PM

Well . . . I was just contemplating which one of these exquisite edits I like the best. I can't possibly make up my mind . . . each one so adorable! I have Radlab to thank . . . I don't know how I could possibly live without it these days.  After I export my photos from Lightroom I do a little touch up in Photoshop, then open them all in Radlab.  It's like walking into an ice cream shop and not knowing which flavor to sample first! I could just hang out in there all day :D Let me know what you think . . . Which one do you prefer??

radlab share not
This is the original, with my touchups - no Radlab applied

  radlab share1
Recipe #1

  radlab share2
Recipe #2

  radlab share 3Recipe #3
~~ yummy  . . . yummy . . . yummy ~~
Maybe I should just start a FLAVOR of the month club :D
Loves!!  ME
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