M'liss Glimpse | Engagement Photography

5:31:00 PM

Yes, simply must share just one little sneak peek from a recent engagement session. I know I promised RIDICULOUS . . . but we got RIDICULOUS and DELISH!  Yes, very delish! Did you know the canyons of Utah are "springing" out all over the place!  Gorgeous beautiful scenery in Utah this spring! And what a lovely day it was . . . so blessed :) Ok . . . just one little sneaky peaky . . . Then hold onto your hearts until I post the rest of the deliciousness! Here is M'liss and Parker - truly bff's . . . truly . . .

mliss share1

I must say . . . our only challenge in taking these amazing photos - I never stopped laughing the whole session :)  (Very big grin!)

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