The Bridal Shoot - M'liss & Parker

8:56:00 PM

Hurray!  A lovely bridal shoot with the groom . . .  I LOVE it when that happens!  And these two are so much fun to work with . . . they are an amazing couple and seem to just read each others minds :)   All my moving and house building activities are making it difficult for me to keep the blog updated, so here they are . . . a little late - you'll notice the orchard blossoms.  What a miracle . . . we searched and searched for an orchard in blossom and couldn't find any.  Then when we arrived for the shoot - miraculously they had bloomed overnight!   Enjoy Parker & M'liss!   

DSC05409 kk rd
DSC05413 kk
mliss bridal 1 mliss bridal 2 DSC05428 kk mliss bridal 3 mliss bridal 5 mliss bridal 6 DSC04066 kk rd DSC04096 kk rd mliss bridals 9 DSC05397 kk bw mliss bridals 12 mliss bridals 10 mliss bridals 11 DSC04020 kk rd DSC04120 kk rd DSC05569 kk rd DSC05542 kk rd
 And that . . . was the end of a perfect day . . .   Yes, it was.    

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