Destination Wedding | Honduras 2013

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Finally,  a few moments to blog the story of our family Honduras wedding . . .

If you have been following along with this blog, and perhaps some of our other blogs found at -

The Mission Presidents Wife
The Alpine Klein Bunch

you will have discovered that we are out of the country for 3 years.  (Well, since I am blogging this very late, we are actually just preparing to finish our missionary service here in Honduras.)

Temple Wedding - Honduras Tegucigalpa Temple  

Kelsie is our second daughter,  and was our only unmarried child when we left for our missionary service.  Shortly after we left for the mission she became engaged to her fiancé, then boyfriend Mike.  Much to our delight they expressed interest in traveling to Honduras, since my husband the Mission President would not be able to return to Utah for a temple sealing there.  Fortunately, a new temple in Tegucigalpa Honduras had just been dedicated 4 months prior.  After some tricky arrangements and permissions, they were granted the opportunity to be sealed in the Honduras Tegucigalpa Temple where her Dad could be present for this special occasion.

It was a grand occasion and the parents of the groom, a brother of the bride, my sister - the brides aunt, and the brides grandparents all prepared to travel to Honduras to participate in this special Honduras wedding.

I'm so happy to finally be sharing a few of the photos from before the actual wedding day!

December 2013 -

(A glimpse of the beautiful country side)

A fabulous pre-wedding day feast at Asados El Gordo
in Tegucigalpa Honduras.

If was a casual fun dinner - filled with many traditional and cultural
dishes of Honduras.  Just what the bride and groom wanted for their last night before
becoming husband and wife.

We also managed to fit in a little sight seeing and a few more fun adventures
before the wedding.

A few members of the wedding party were also able to finish a Honduras
National Park,
Pico Bonito.

Can't wait to share wedding day photos up next . . .

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