Where ARE we??

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Well, the last few years have been a whirlwind . . . to say the least. I need to back up to December of 2012 to set the stage for where in the world Pickled Pepper Photography is at this very moment.


As the busy wedding season and Christmas photography season was coming to an end in the last couple months of 2012, my husband and I had an unusual phone call and appointment that changed our life dramatically, in a very big way.  Very unusually, we were called by a General Authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to meet with them in an exploratory interview to leave household, home and family to serve for a period of three years as Mission President and wife for the next three years.  It wasn't a certainty at first, but formally in December of that year we received an actual call from the First Presidency of the Church to serve in a Spanish speaking location for three years . . . and from that moment on our life began to change significantly. To serve in a calling such as this for three years, overseeing somewhere between 300-500 young people of the Church, serving as young missionaries, would require liquidating most of our current life, including my husbands business of 33 years. At that time it was also necessary for me to fulfill my few pre-established photography commitments for 2013 and then put everything on hold for a season.  We did it willingly, grateful for an opportunity to serve our Heavenly Father in the missionary efforts of the Church.


  Thus . . . here we are!  We packed up our bags and in June of 2013, we found ourselves on a plane to Central America. Now, two years and three months later we can report that it is an amazing experience.  One filled with delights, challenges, blessings, struggles as we work daily with between 170 and 250 young men and young women of the Church. Now, instead of shooting weddings, seniors and families . . . I spend much of my time photographing missionaries and the beautiful and interesting countryside where we find ourselves. So where in the world is . . .
Pickled Pepper Photography?


If you haven't guessed . . . we can be found in . . .
The San Pedro Sula East Mission.

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