Guys and Dolls | HS Senior

8:40:00 PM

It's that time of year . . . Seniors abound! I'm just getting around to sharing some of my Senior shots from the Spring . . . I LOVE shooting Seniors . . . but to be honest, my very favorite is shooting Senior Guys . . . they are the best!  Everyone always wonders whether it's easier to shoot Senior Guys or Senior girls . . . The guys are just so much fun to joke around with and find out what kind of things they like or don't like.  Just find something they can laugh about and there's your shot  :D   This is Jake . . . and let me tell you . . . Jake is one talented guy!  Good luck with all your upcoming adventures as you move out and up into the world this Fall. It's just another adventure for sure . . . 
       jake 6   jake 3  
  jake 2  jake bw 2   jake bw 1   jake 1   jake 4   DSC04639 kk   
 All photos shot at the Adventure Learning Park - Highland Utah

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