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What to wear . . .
What to wear? WHAT to WEAR - it's an age old question, and never asked by more people than the mom trying to match everyone for the upcoming family photo.  I don't think I ever take a picture that the subject doesn't ask for suggestions on what to wear . . .

I wish there was a simple answer . . . but usually it comes down to three things - COLOR . . . LAYERS . . . and ACCESSORIES

Really . . . The answer is a little different for everyone really, but I'm going to point you in the direction of something that will give you a great place to start! PINTEREST! Here's a link to my PHOTOGRAPHY board with many options to find what will work best for you. Go on . . . take a look and give it a try!   I'm going to share a few photos that are excellent examples of what to wear for a photography session.  They all are credited and linked to the photographers web sites, so please go and check out the rest of their stuff!  Such talented ladies! First,  I'm going to use this great example taken by a cute photography neighbor of mine, Chelsie Clarke - you really MUST check out the rest of her STUFF :)


See what I mean

Color - the colors are different but from the same color tones, love the corals and red warm tones, warm beiges and yellows blend well.  Red and oranges are always great attention getting colors!  Don't worry about making everything match - as long as they go well together.  We have blue, brown, red, coral, green, beige, and sunflower in this photo!
Layers - the sweaters, the boots, even the boys little white T's under their sweatshirts, boots - layers over jeans, leggings or tights.
Accessories - the boots and sweaters can count as accessories also, notice the ruffle on mom's blouse, adds some texture!
Wild card! -WHAT???  is a Wildcard!? 
Notice how the blue pattern dress really grabs your attention!  You need one of those in every photo!
Here's another example - from Candice Stringham Photography
Once again  - 
Notice the bright colors, the layers (jackets, socks), accessories (hair bows, ties, props)
and the use of patterns - lots of fun patterns, the don't all have to coordinate :)
One last example from  - Mikaela Ruth Photography
Go ahead . . . dig through your closets, with a little advance planning everyone can answer the question for their family about

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