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12:21:00 PM

OooOooo!  Decisions . . . decisions . . . I seldom am able to participate over at one of my favorite photography websites

 but when I read their challenge for this week - how could I resist?

 I'm just starting to review the year and pick my all time favorites to
update my website and add to promotional literature. Tough decision!

 So many favorite faces this year - you can see many of them that are
appearing in my 2011 Favorites file over at Facebook (just lick the link).

 I decided for my "Best Face of 2011" to go with Maddi, newlywed Maddi - I found
very few with her sky - high enthusiasm this year - yep! I guess she wins!

 SoOoo . . . here's Maddi - my best face of 2011!

fav face 2011 kkrdbw

Be sure to stop by and pick out your favorite faces for 2011 at 
I Heart Faces 

Thanks for dropping by!

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